Myfox Complete Kit

Myfox Privacy Camera + Wall Mount + Home Alarm Kit

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Home Security System - Bundle Pack

How to monitor your home while you are at work? How to make sure your home security camera is not invading your privacy? 

This Myfox home security bundle pack gives you security without invading your privacy. This one of a kind camera has a silent built-in motor, that can be operated via your mobile phone to open and close the privacy shutter. The cameras audio & video functions will stop when its shutter is closed. 

The Siren is packed with a 110dB sound that can alert the homeowners in an event of break-in or fire. The siren also doubles as a siren booster, ie; if the fire alarm of the house is triggered the siren picks up the sound & amplifies it. This bundle comes with other devices like the door/window sensor & a key fob to control the home. This bundle pack is a special limited period offer until stocks last. Scroll down to read individual item description & content list of this package.

Myfox Indoor Privacy Camera

Futuristic Home Safety Technology 

My fox cloud Wi-Fi Camera approved by


is the only security camera that protects & monitors your home while protecting your privacy through its privacy shutter. 

The HD cameras night vision & wide angle lens ensures you don't miss anything, while the 2-way microphone allows you to communicate with family from anywhere.  


  • Motorized privacy shutter - Mobile operated. 
  • Superior HD quality image with Night Vision. 
  • IR based motion detection. 
  • 4X optical zoom. 
  • Sleek & modular design to blend with the environment. 
  • User-friendly & easy to set up.  


My fox Home Alarm is a connected, smart, and reliable system that detects break-in attempts and issues alert before break-ins happen.  
The key fob lets you keep an eye on people in the home (displayed in my fox Security application) and monitor when kids come and go using notifications (“kids” function). Create a trusted community to watch over your home my fox Home Alarm is the first system to let you invite your loves ones (friends, neighbors, family, etc.) keep an eye on your home when you’re away.


  • Kit Includes – Intelli TAG vibration & opening sensor.
  • 110db Siren.
  • Key forb.
  • Link Connector connects to the Wifi. 
  • User Recognition by key forb.

Kit Content:

Privacy Camera Box

1* Myfox Privacy Camera
1* 3m/ USB Cable
1* Power Adaptor
1* Wall Mount Rod

Alarm Kit Box

1* 110dB siren with light indication
1* Door/ Window Sensor
1* Key Fob
1* Wireless Connectivity Link