Intercom & Smart Locks

Integrating intercom system and smart door locks into a home automation system makes perfect sense – not only can actions be performed when a caller rings the doorbell, but you can view the intercom system from any display device in the home. Smart door locks add huge amount of convenience to the home – determining who has access and at what time, thus increasing security tightly. Our systems allow different key fobs to have different access rights – ground staff can access external buildings but not the core buildings, cleaning staff only have access during the day and so on. Our intercom system also allow viewing and two-way communication with the gate intercom system from anywhere in the home.
We understand your vision for your future home. So taking your needs into consideration, we coordinate with your designers to get the best look for your home with a combination of all-in-one control panels that helps you to control all your smart devices, be it your light dimming units or automatic curtains, AV Solution or smart thermostat all from a centralized touch panel or your smart phone app.